Preventive Measures in Mosques

Some simple methods to prevent the spread of COVID-19 among worshipers inside the mosques

Preparing and providing the latest preventive measures will help you to protect yourself and others from infection, as infection can spread easily among worshipers in mosques. Public gatherings can lead to a 10% increase in infection, so make sure to:

  •  Avoid Handshake
  • Sterilize your hands before and after the use of the Qur’an or any other publications in mosques
  • Take influenza vaccine
  • Cover your mouth and nose when coughing or sneezing with paper tissues and dispose of them directly in the trash
  • Be careful not to touch your face (eyes, nose, or mouth) unless necessary
  • Avoid sharing your mobile phone
  • Stay at home when you are experiencing symptoms, as the virus can spread from an infected person for up to 24 hours after symptoms subside
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