Beach and Air Sports Activities Protocols

Starting from October 10, 2021 at 6 am:

Entering is limited to fully vaccinated individuals according to the health status in Tawakkalna application (immune ), with the exception of the group who are not obligated to take the vaccine as appears in the Tawakkalna application.

Environment, Prevention, Social Distancing

General Regulations

  • Employees must wear medical or fabric face masks at all times at reception stations and the cashier area.
  • Encourage employees at high risk according to “Appendix A” to work remotely from home.
  • Clients and athletes must wear medical or fabric face masks, or cover their mouth and nose at all times.
  • Commit to disinfecting environmental surfaces every day and after each use, with an emphasis on places where there is a high possibility of contact in the launch stations or places of rest, such as the reception station, seats, and waiting areas, as well as door handles, dining tables, seat cushions, elevator switches, etc. In addition, follow the instructions enclosed in the ‘Practical guide for cleaning and disinfection of public facilities to prevent Covid-19 infection, issued by the National Center for Disease Prevention and Control’.
  • Any dirt must be removed with soap and water before the disinfection process. For disinfection, disinfectants such as sodium hypochlorite are used, while following the instructions shown on the product information label in terms of concentration and method of use.
  • Be sure to disinfect toilets and bathrooms every day and with approved disinfectants.
  • A schedule should be kept of disinfection times for surfaces and toilets.
  • Hand sanitizers should be distributed and placed in prominent places and gathering areas, waiting areas, and corridors.
  • Ensure good ventilation.
  • Air filters for ventilation devices, especially air conditioners, should be changed or cleaned regularly.
  • Restaurants of the facility must apply all the restaurant protocols’ procedures.
  • The facility must apply all the mosque protocols’ procedures regarding the application of health requirements to the area designated for prayers.
  • Clear floor signs must be placed in the waiting areas, the reception area, and the cashier area, in order to guide the process of social distancing of at least one and a half to two meters.
  • Deactivate and disable interactive screens or advisor touch screens dedicated to clients
  • Remove all hard copy books and magazines.
  • Electronic methods of reserving activities via website or phone calls must be used to ensure that clients do not crowd. Clients must be made aware in advance of the nature of the virus, its methods of transmission, and its methods of prevention.

Wild Sport Activities Such as Mountain Climbing, Skiing, Etc.

  • Athletes or participants must use their personal equipment for climbing, skating on ropes, and hiking. Discourage the use of third-party tools, or disinfect the equipment provided by the organizer after each use.
  • Clothes intended for skiing or climbing should be disinfected immediately after use and not taken home.
  • The number of participants must be reduced to half in relation to the specified capacity, to ensure that there is no crowding and to ensure social distancing.

Air sports Activities Such as Paragliding

  • The organizer of the sporting activity must disinfect all equipment provided to the participants regularly after each use.
  • Skydiving planes must be disinfected after each use, and their capacity must be reduced by half, to ensure social distancing and no crowding.
  • Skydiving with a trainer must be prohibited. It must be restricted to jumping for one person only.
  • Gathering at landing sites must be prohibited, crowds must be forbidden from attending, and the landing site must be disinfected regularly.
  • It is not required to wear a face mask during air sports.
  • Hugging and shaking hands should be prohibited when celebrating.
  • It is preferable to postpone the award ceremonies for the time being.

Reporting and Monitoring Symptoms

  • With the continuous screening and isolation procedures that occur according to the approved protocols, (Tawakkalna) application is used to ensure the employee’s health status concerning COVID-19 disease. If the employee’s status is positive or in contact with a positive case, all this will appear at the application, will not be allowed to enter the workplace.
  • The employee can return to work after he completely recovers and checking that by updating his status in Tawakkalna application.
  • A mandatory checkpoint must be established at the main entrance that undertakes taking body temperature with a device approved by the SFDA and questioning all employees and clients in regard to respiratory symptoms (coughing or shortness of breath).
  • Employees and clients must disclose any symptoms of respiratory symptoms or fever
  • Report a case that has a high temperature or respiratory symptoms (cough or shortness of breath), and is suspected of having Covid-19 disease. Register the case’s data and contact numbers for transfer to the hospital.
  • If a confirmed infection is registered among workers, the procedures and precautions contained in the ‘Manual for dealing with suspected or confirmed cases of Covid-19 disease’ issued by the PHA, must be applied at the workplace.
  • If there are housing units for workers, prepare an isolation room in the residential area designated for suspected cases for them to be isolated until the authorities communicate with them.

Awareness and Communication

  • Post awareness posters must be placed at all entrances, at ticket purchasing stations, and at prominent places, including the following:
    • Methods of the virus transmission and prevention.
    • Raising awareness in regard to hand washing, avoiding touching the eyes, nose, and mouth before washing hands, and urging attention to personal care and health care.
    • Follow the etiquette of sneezing and coughing (use of tissue paper and dispose of it immediately, or use the elbow by bending the arm).
    • Promote the culture of using alcohol-based hand sanitizer packages in a correct manner among workers and clients.


  • Place a board that includes a statement on violations and how to report them.
  • Establish communication channels and an assigned employee to report any breach or violation in order to prevent them.
  • Train employees at the inspection point on the method of examination and the use of temperature measuring devices.
  • Appoint supervisors to ensure that the requirements and guidelines are applied.
  • Conduct mandatory health and safety training on COVID-19 for all employees.
Appendix (1): Groups at higher risk of infection