Funeral Services



  • Wearing mask is not required in outdoor or indoor areas, but it is recommended to wear it indoors
  • Workers and attendees will no longer need to practice social distancing in all places (indoor and outdoor areas) in all activities and events.
  • It is recommended that to follow the instructions bellow:
  • Cemetery doors must be disinfected before and after the deceased is buried.
  • The tools used for digging and burial must be disinfected before and after the deceased is buried.
  • Prevent crowding at the funeral.
  • The number of people responsible for digging should be reduced to two.
  • The number of those responsible for carrying the deceased and the burial process should be reduced to the lowest possible number. Prevent crowding at the grave.
  • Sharing of excavation and burial equipment between the people responsible for the excavation and burial process should be prevented.



  • Distribute the awareness brochures issued by the Ministry of Health and the Public Health Authority, about the following:
    1. Modes of disease transmission and prevention.
    2. Washing hands and avoiding touching the eyes, nose and mouth before washing hands, with paying attention to personal and health care.
    3. Follow the etiquette of sneezing and coughing (use a tissue and dispose it as soon as possible, use the elbow by bending the arm).
  • The relatives of the deceased must be educated about procedures that they must follow, including limiting attendance to 20 people, and the need to identify them before attending.
  • The deceased’s family must inform their relatives that the attendance is limited to 20 relatives, by sending text messages or using any communication application.



  • Ministry of Islamic Affairs will oversee the implementation of the protocols.
  • The secretariat in charge of the cemetery should place a monitoring mechanism to ensure that protocols are followed.