Home Delivery Services Protocols

Entering is limited to fully vaccinated individuals according to the health status in Tawakkalna application (Immune), except for the groups who are not obligated to take the vaccine as appears in Tawakkalna application.


Requirements for Delivery Carrier

  • Wear a fabric face mask or cover the nose and mouth during the delivery process.
  • Emphasize the sanitation of cars, the cleanliness of drivers and their general appearance.
  • Direct carriers to stop working if any symptoms appear.
  • Obligate drivers to wash their hands or use sanitizers before, during, and after the process of picking up and delivering orders.


Requirements for the Food Establishment

  • Tools used in the delivery process must be sterilized after each operation (bags used in the delivery, payment devices, and others).
  • Separate and pack food items with different elements and characteristics.
  • Offer drinks in cans instead of cups.
  • Pack the order tightly and securely and place an adhesive sealing on it.



Requirements for Consumer Delivery

  • Prevent handshakes when handing out orders.
  • Urge customers to not accept the order if it is not sealed or appears to be open.
  • Encourage electronic methods of payment and explain it to clients before completing the order
  • The customer should dispose of the packaging bag in a healthy and safe manner immediately.
Appendix (1): Groups at higher risk of infection