Jazan and Farasan ferries protocols for transporting passengers and goods



General points:
  • Workers and customers will no longer need to practice social distancing in all places (indoor and outdoor areas) in all activities and events.
  • Wearing mask is not required in outdoor or indoor areas, but it is recommended to wear it indoors.
  • Encourage online booking for ferries and cars.
  • It is recommended to provide hand sanitizers and sanitary papers at the reception desks and at the entrances.
  • Crew staff or passengers who show flu-like symptoms [fever and coughing, runny nose and sore throat] must adhere to the self-isolation.


While in the passenger lounge:

It is recommended to follow the next directions:

  • Allow to open lounges, canteens and restaurants while adhering the restaurants protocols.
  • Disinfect of shared materials at the arrival and departure terminals periodically and between different shifts (such as ticketing machines, reception desks, ferry rides, and waiting areas)
  • Disinfect toilets at least once a day and provide sanitary disposable seat covers.
  • Provide no-touch waste bins.



  • It is recommended to appoint a director to ensure that the established protocols issued by the competent authorities are implemented.
  • It is recommended to conduct mandatory health and safety training regarding COVID-19 for all ferry crew and staff.