Massage Service



  • Requiring the service provider of massage, Moroccan bath and specialized care to use single use supplies for each customer such as towels, loofahs and soap.
  • Ensure that all used products such as lotions and creams are placed in a sealed container after use, otherwise dispose of and replace them.
  • Employees should wash their hands with soap and water frequently for at least forty seconds each time or sterilizing the hands with an approved sterilizer for a period of not less than twenty seconds.


The Environment:
  • It is recommended to place hand sanitizers – containing 60-80% alcohol –at visible places such as at the entrance, the cashier area, restrooms, and the sitting area.
  • It is recommended to disinfect surfaces with disinfectants approved by the Saudi Food and Drug Authority (sodium hypochlorite) with following the instructions shown on the packages، focusing on places or tools that the clients use and touch frequently such as chairs, door handles, tables, elevator switches, etc.


Massage or Personal Care Area:
  • Massage or personal care area should be cleaned and disinfected every day and after every client.
  • Dispose of any tools that may be contaminated due to improper use of the methods to be followed and replace it with new products.
  • Dispose of single-use items and nail care tools that have been used by clients.
  • It is recommended to have a good ventilation and to reduce the temperature inside the massage and personal care areas.



  • It is recommended to place awareness posters at all entrances and at visible places, including the following:
    • Methods of disease transmission and prevention.
    • Washing hands and avoiding touching the eyes, nose and mouth before washing hands, and urging attention to personal care and health care.
    • Follow the etiquette of sneezing and coughing (use the tissue and dispose it as soon as possible, use the elbow by bending the arm).
  • Educate the elderly or those with chronic diseases to avoid going to the service of massages, Moroccan baths, saunas, and steam.