Mosque Protocols

Hygiene, environment, physical distancing and working remotely

  • Open mosques one hour before the Friday prayer and close it 30 minutes after.
  • Urge worshipers to keep a distance of one and a half meters between each worshiper and the other from all sides.
  • Provide enough space on the sides of the mosque to allow the worshipers to leave from the first rows to the exits without the need to pass between other worshipers.
  • Ensure that the hand sanitizer contains 60-80% of alcohol and meets the requirements of the Food and Drug Authority.
  • Distribute paper tissues around the mosque and place them at visible places.
  • Allow the return of books, Qur’ans, and Qur’an’s holders, and urge worshipers to take their Qur’ans with them.
  • Remove dirt with soap and water before disinfecting surfaces.
  • Keep a schedule of surface disinfection times.
  • Wear a fabric mask or something that covers the nose and mouth, perform ablution at home, and be careful not to crowd when going out
  • Ensure good ventilation in the mosque.
  • Allow lectures and lessons after prayer, while adhering to social distancing measures, in alignment with the length of the mosque opening after prayer.
  • It is important to provide no-touch waste bins and the waste must be disposed of continuously.
  • Allow funeral prayers in the mosques with the need to adhere to the requirements for preventing COVID-19, please refer to (funeral Prayer Protocols).


  • Permit opening toilets and ablution places in mosques provided that a worker is designated to disinfect them after each obligatory prayer.
  • Follow “The practical disinfection guide” issued by the Public Health Authority.
  • Ensure social distancing in the toilets by placing waiting signs and disabling one sink between every two sinks.
  • Supply toilets with liquid soap.

Symptom monitoring and reporting

  • Follow up the health status of those in charge of the mosque by asking them about symptoms and recording their temperature on a daily basis.
  • Report any case with a high temperature. Record the case’s data, contact numbers, and call 937 to obtain the directions required to transfer the case to the hospital.
  • If a confirmed case is registered among employees, the protocols approved by the Ministry of Health and the Public Health Authority must be applied.
  • Communication channels should be established for those in charge of mosques and worshipers to report violations of requirements in order to avoid them. The person responsible for the communication channels should be one of those in charge of the mosque, such as the imam or the mosque muezzin
  • If there is housing for workers in the mosque for more than 4 persons sharing the same room and not from one family, it is important to equip an isolation room for suspected cases of those in charge of the mosque to be isolated in, until they are contacted by competent authorities. (Please refer to the health requirements guide for workers’ accommodations to combat COVID-19).


  • Rely on official sources to obtain information on COVID-19 (official sources include the Ministry of Health and the Public Health Authority).
  • Allow the elderly and those suffering from chronic diseases to pray inside the mosque while urging them to pray at home.
  • Remind worshipers after performing the prayer of the necessity of social distancing by adhering to the places of posters or signs shown on the mosque carpets or any means the imam sees.
  • Urge worshipers not to crowd at the exits and entrances, so that there is a path for entry and an exit on each side if there is more than one entrance.
  • Distribute awareness posters issued by the Ministry of Health and the Public Health Authority at all entrances to the mosque and in visible places. The posters should include the following:
    • Methods of disease transmission and prevention.
    • Raising awareness of washing hands and avoiding touching the eyes, nose, and mouth before washing hands, and paying attention to personal and health care.
    • Following the etiquette of sneezing and coughing (use a tissue and dispose of it as soon as possible, use the elbow by bending the arm).
  • Place panel that includes a statement of violations and the method for reporting them.