Cinema Protocols


Instructions and requirements related to cinema environment:
  • Workers and customers will no longer need to practice social distancing in all places (indoor and outdoor areas) in all activities and events.
  • Wearing mask is not required in outdoor or indoor areas, but it is recommended to wear it indoors.
  • It is recommended to clean and disinfect of environmental surfaces that frequently touched by the cinema visitors (such as door handles, armrests, etc.) by using disinfectants approved by the Saudi Food and Drug Authority. Follow the instructions in “The practical guide for cleaning and disinfection for public facilities to combat COVID-19” issued by the Public Health Authority.
  • Dirt must be removed with soap and water before the disinfection process.
  • Clean and disinfect the toilets daily, maintain good ventilation and reduce the toilet temperature.


Instructions and requirements related to the protection of employees, visitors and customers:
  • Assign supervisors to ensure the protocols are followed.
  • Emphasize the importance of washing hands with soap and water frequently for at least 40 seconds each time or disinfect hands for at least 20 seconds with an approved disinfectant in the absence of soap and water.


Awareness and education:

  • It is preferable to use the advertisement period preceding the movie to educate visitors about the disease. It should include an explanation of the safe exit and entry procedures that prevent crowding in the halls. Awareness brochures should be also distributed at all entrances and halls of the cinemas and at visible places, and it is also preferable to distribute them when purchasing tickets as text messages, e-mail, or by printing them on tickets, to write them in different languages and include the following:
    1. Methods of disease transmission and prevention.
    2. Washing hands and avoiding touching the eyes, nose and mouth before washing hands, with paying attention to personal and health care.
    3. Follow the etiquette of sneezing and coughing (use a tissue and dispose it as soon as possible, use the elbow by bending the arm).



  • Communication channels should be established for movie theaters to report any breach of requirements and violations, and to work on avoiding them.
  • Assign supervisors to control the process of visitors’ entry and exit from the theatre halls to prevent crowding.