Public Sector



  • Checking temperature at entrances is not required.
  • Employees will no longer need to practice social distancing in all places (indoor and outdoor areas) in all activities and events.
  • Wearing mask is not required in outdoor or indoor areas, but it is recommended to wear it indoors.
  • It is recommended to follow (The Scientific Guidelines of Disinfection) when cleaning and disinfecting of surfaces, facilities and toilets.
  • It is allowed to use touching screens such as information screens and Absher service devices and the like.
  • It is allowed to use the fingerprint device.
  • Follow the transport sector protocols regarding employees transportation.
  • Allow holding events, exhibitions and conferences and applying the protocols designated for this, with the need to coordinate with the competent authorities, if necessary.
  • Apply restaurant protocols when eating with group.
  • Allow nurseries and children’s hospitality centers inside the building and apply the designated protocols.
  • Good ventilation inside the facilities is recommended.
  • Regularly waste disposal.



  • Rely on official sources to obtain information regarding COVID-19 such as Ministry of Health and Public Health Authority.
  • Distribute the awareness brochures issued by the Ministry of Health and the Public Health Authority, about the following:
    1. Methods of disease transmission and prevention.
    2. Washing hands and avoiding touching the eyes, nose and mouth before washing hands, with paying attention to personal and health care.
    3. Follow the etiquette of sneezing and coughing (use a tissue and dispose it as soon as possible, use the elbow by bending the arm).