Rented Vehicles Protocols

Entering must be limited to fully vaccinated individuals according to the health status in Tawakkalna application (Immune), except for the groups who are not obligated to take the vaccine as appears in Tawakkalna application.



  • Regularly disinfect surfaces that are commonly touched in the rented vehicles.
  • Provide disinfectants and instructions on the necessity of disinfection inside smart rented vehicles to ensure that every customer of the vehicle disinfect the vehicle (before and after each use).


Drivers and Passengers

  • Drivers and passengers must wear fabric face masks when using vehicles.


Offices and Employees

  • Employees must wear face masks at all times.
  • Encourage employees that are at highest risk, according to Appendix A to work remotely from home.
  • Employees whose temperature exceeds [38 degrees Celsius] or who have respiratory infection symptoms should be isolated and prevent from work.
  • Oblige all employees to apply preventive hygiene practices (such as using sanitizer and frequent hand washing).
  • Provide hand sanitizers and sanitary tissues at counters and at entrances, in addition to providing disposable sanitary seat covers in the toilets.
  • Disinfect areas that employees share in offices in-between shifts (such as prayer rooms, work offices for employees, counters, etc.).
  • In the event of a confirmed COVID-19 infection among staff or customers, disinfection of the station must be carried out and direct all employees who were in contact with the case to self-isolate (Ministry of Health guidelines must be followed)
  • Encourage the use of electronic payment methods.
  • Follow administrative sector protocols.


Tracking and Reporting

  • With the continuous screening and isolation procedures that occur according to the approved protocols, (Tawakkalna) application is used to ensure the employee’s health status concerning COVID-19 disease. If the employee’s status is positive or in contact with a positive case, all this will appear at the application, will not be allowed to enter the workplace.
  • The employee can return to work after he completely recovers and checking that by updating his status in Tawakkalna application.
  • Prepare a list of the employees who work together, the shifts and times of the work.


Awareness and Implementation of Regulations

  • Assign a protocol supervisor or manager in the offices to ensure that all protocols issued by relevant ministries are followed.
  • Provide personal instructions to customers and employees to disinfect their hands before and after using vehicles.
  • Use digital channels (such as: social media, phone applications, and text messages) and other channels (such as placing stickers inside vehicles and offices) to raise employees and customer awareness about Covid-19 virus, in line with the Ministry of Health guidelines.
  • Utilize road billboards and text messages to raise awareness of private vehicle drivers about COVID-19, in line with the Ministry of Health guidelines.
  • Place indicative panels at the entrances with updates regarding COVID-19 and on the importance of maintaining health and safety.
  • Conduct mandatory health and safety training on COVID-19 for all employees and drivers.
Appendix (1): Groups at higher risk of infection